Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) have been linked to serious health problems such as diabetes, obesity, and neurodevelopmental and reproductive disorders. EDC-MixRisk has studied the effects of prenatal exposure to mixtures of potential EDCs on the development and health of children. The objectives of the project were i) Identification of mixtures of EDCs that are associated […]

We are exposed to a large number of man-made chemicals. This creates combinations of chemical mixtures, to which we are subjected during our whole lifespan. Current risk assessment and management practices, however, focus mainly on exposure to single substances. Exposure to hazardous substances, especially endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), during the foetal period is of particular […]

The EU-funded EDC-MixRisk research project has studied the effects of prenatal exposure to mixtures of suspected EDCs on development and health in children. The project has developed a novel whole mixture approach integrating epidemiology and experimental biology to improve risk assessment strategies for endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in mixtures. The EDC-MixRisk approach and key results […]

We are pleased to invite you to register to our Joint Stakeholder Workshop entitled “Chemical Cocktail Challenge”, 26 March 2019 in Brussels, Belgium. This is a workshop on results and conclusions from the two H2020-funded projects, EDC-MixRisk and EuroMix, and their implications for future needs for chemical mixture risk assessment”. The workshop will take place at […]

Meet our EDC-MixRisk scientists and learn more about the work they are doing. This time in the spotlight is Barbara Demeneix, Professor at the French National Museum of Natural History. She is an internationally recognized expert on thyroid function and endocrine disruption. In the EDC-MixRisk project, her group studies how chemical mixtures affect thyroid hormone […]

EU-funded EDC-MixRisk Project Highlights Importance of Considering Combined Exposure to Multiple Chemicals 19 Sep 2018 We are exposed to multiple man-made chemicals from various sources. The EDC-MixRisk research project, coordinated by Karolinska Institutet, Swetox, emphasizes the need to address the effects of chemicals as mixtures in order not to underestimate the risks they pose. The […]

A joint article “Current EU research activities on combined exposure to multiple chemicals” was recently published in Environment International by experts from the five EU-funded research projects, i.e. EDC-MixRisk, EuroMix, EU-ToxRisk, HBM4EU and SOLUTIONS, and European Commission Services and EU Agencies. The paper aims to map current progress, gaps and remaining challenges for the assessment […]

The European Commission (EC) has highlighted EDC-MixRisk research project as a success story among EU-funded research. EDC-MixRisk was selected to the spotlight for the thematic “Health month”, as it has great potential to influence future policies and thus have impact and contribute to better health and lives of numerous people. The success story article “Protecting […]