Journalist Stéphane Horel key note speaker at EDC-MixRisk symposium

We are proud to announce that Ms Stéphane Horel will be our key note speaker at EDC-MixRisk arranged full day symposium on EDCs. Stéphane Horel is a French journalist and documentary filmmaker that present herself as lobby watcher and EU entomologist. For many years she has monitored the EDC issue.

Stéphane Horel will talk about his comprehensive review of the political game behind the EDC legislation, which she describes in the recently published book ” Intoxication ” .

Lena EK, former MEP and former Swedish Environment Minister until 2006, will also participate. Ms Lena Ek was one of Parliament’s main negotiator of the common EU REACH legislation and in her initiative, Sweden took the European Commission to the European Court of Justice for its failure to define EDCs . The Court recently gave Sweden the right and held that the Commission’s failure has delayed efforts to regulate chemicals.

Additional speakers, including of Swedish Chemical Agency, will talk about how the regulations are designed, why it is so slow and what happens next.


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