Welcome decision by Court of Justice on criteria for EDCs

The Commission has breached EU law by failing to adopt measures concerning the specification of scientific criteria for the determination of endocrine-disrupting properties. That was found by the European Court of Justice today. EDC-MixRisk’s Coordinator Åke Bergman welcomes the decision and says that it is strong and clear.

Sweden took the EU Commission to court after it missed its legal deadline to put forward scientific criteria to identify endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs ) by the end of 2013. Several Member States, including Denmark, France, and the Netherlands joined the case, along with the EU Council, and the EU Parliament.

The European Court of Justice found that the EU Commission had a clear obligation to adopt measures on the identification criteria by 13 December 2013 and no factors such as effects to the internal market, or putative scientific disputes changed that obligation. The court also found that no part of the regulation requires an impact analysis.

Åke Bergman, Coordinator in EDC-MixRisk, says:

”The EU Court decision is strong and clear. I welcome the decision and like to express my sincere appreciation of the Swedish governments, the former and the present, to have insisted on this sue case. Hopefully this will have some strong impact on the work the EC must undertake on EDC.”


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