EDC-MixRisk Scientific Conference 27 March 2019, Brussels

27 March 2019


The EU-funded EDC-MixRisk research project has studied the effects of prenatal exposure to mixtures of suspected EDCs on development and health in children. The project has developed a novel whole mixture approach integrating epidemiology and experimental biology to improve risk assessment strategies for endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in mixtures.

The EDC-MixRisk approach and key results will be presented and discussed during the final scientific conference which will take place 27 March 2019 in Brussels, Belgium (DG RTD).

The conference aims at bringing together researchers and experts working in the field of endocrine disruptors and chemical mixtures to discuss the scientific results generated within the EDC-MixRisk project and the implications thereof.

The conference will be preceded by a joint stakeholder workshop “The Chemical Cocktail Challenge”, organized by EDC-MixRisk and EuroMix projects in Brussels, 26 March 2019. You may register for the meeting(s) via a single registration system:

Deadline for the registration is 18 February 2019. The on-line registration is compulsory for all participants (NB! limited number of seats).

A draft programme of the EDC-MixRisk conference is available here.
Contact: Elina Drakvik, Project and Communications Manager, elina.drakvik@ki.se