EDC-MixRisk Annual Consortium Meeting 2017 in Stockholm


The EDC-MixRisk Consortium came together for its annual meeting in Stockholm, 15-17 May, to discuss the project’s progress and future activities.

The meeting was organized as a three-day event, combining an 1) Adverse Outcome Pathway  (AOP) workshop 2) a joint meeting between EDC-MixRisk and EDC-2020 to present scientific results and 3) one and half days dedicated for the EDC-MixRisk Consortium discussions.

The meeting was a great opportunity to learn more about an AOP approach and get highlights and glimpses of scientific results generated within the two projects, EDC-MixRisk and EDC-2020. Furthermore, the meeting provided a great forum to share lessons learned as well as to receive feedback and to discuss further ideas and plans with the Members of the Scientific Advisory Board.

The programme of the last one and half days of the meeting gave an overview of the project progress and on the tasks within the different modules. Also an update on management and dissemination activities was presented. The module breakout sessions drilled into the challenges, future plans and details of the work which were reported on the final day of the meeting.

The first results generated within the project have demonstrated the validity of project’s integrated approach – interaction between epidemiology and experimental toxicology, and the need to take mixture effects into account for risk assessment. It was summarized that overall, the project is progressing well and is largely on track in terms of its tasks and timeline.

The 2018 Consortium meeting will be held again in Stockholm, the hometown of the Project Coordinator, Prof. Åke Bergman.