5th European Doctoral College on Environment and Health


The EHESP School of Public Health and the IRSET Research institute for environmental and occupational health organized the 5th European Doctoral College on Environment and Health (EDCEH) in Rennes, France, 4-6 June 2018.

EDC-MixRisk was represented in the meeting by Dr. Anastasia Repouskou from the School of Health Sciences, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She presented in the meeting their recent study on the effects of gestational exposure to a mixture of four phthalates (mixture S) on the reproductive health of mice. Mouse is one of the experimental models used in EDC-MixRisk to study the health effects of chemical mixtures.

Phthalates are repeatedly detected in humans, raising thus significant concerns due to the constant exposure and their endocrine disruptive properties. They are widely used as plasticizers in the manufacture of hundreds of commercial products.

The results of the study indicated that in utero exposure of experimental animals (mice) to a mixture of phthalates administered at epidemiologically-defined concentrations and simulating real-life human exposure levels, leads to long-term reproductive defects, particularly of male offspring. The title of Dr. Reposkou’s abstract was “Reproductive impact of gestational exposure to an epidemiologically-defined phthalate mixture in prepubertal and adult mice”.

The meeting offered a great opportunity for networking and insight into important topics regarding endocrine disruptors (EDs), such as definition of EDs within the regulatory context, emerging approaches for assessing the exposure to EDs, models and (non-)standard tests for endocrine disruption and innovative methods and predictive tools to investigate endocrine disruption.

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