Post doc position in toxicological risk assessment

The position is linked to EDC-MixRisk project and it is open at the Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry, Stockholm University. The Postdoctoral Fellow will contribute to the work package that concerns the development of a transparent and systematic risk assessment procedure that can integrate epidemiological and experimental research to facilitate the assessment of risk for EDCs and their mixtures.

Main responsibilities will include:
(1) To perform a risk assessment case study with a single chemical, using the recently proposed SYRINA framework for EDC risk assessment. SYRINA is described here: The case study includes performing all the steps outlined in SYRINA for a selected case chemical. The process will also be presented and discussed with all other scientists involved in the project.
(2) Together with other scientists in EDC-MixRisk, further develop the SYRINA framework to encompass also mixtures.

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