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The online service provider and magazine Chemical Watch has made a feature on EDC-MixRisk. The article “EU research project begins on endocrine disruptor mixtures” was paublished online the 4 June 2015.


The full article, written by Philip Lightowlers at Chemical Watch:

EU research project begins on endocrine disruptor mixtures

EU funded epidemiological investigation into EDC risks

4 June 2015 / Europe, Risk assessment

A European Commissionfunded research project into the risks of endocrine disrupting mixtures has held its opening conference at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

The project, entitled EDCMixRisk, is being coordinated by Swetox, the Swedish research centre which opened last year under professor Åke Bergman (GBB April 2014 ). The four year initiative involves six Swedish universities and institutions in France, Germany, Greece, Finland, Italy and the US.

EDCMixRisk will focus on the effects of such mixtures on children. Dr Carl-Gustaf

Bornehag, a principal investigator for epidemiology in the project, said it would integrate three research focuses – epidemiology, toxicology and risk assessment.

There will be two Swedish child cohorts focused on growth and metabolism, neurodevelopment and sexual development, Dr Bornehag said. “Scientists will be gathering epidemiological data on prenatal exposure to over 50 endocrine disruptors. Epidemiology will deliver associations of critical mixtures – perhaps different for neurodevelopment or sexual development – and toxicologists can use these mixtures in cell and animal models to investigate mode of action and mechanisms.”

EDCMixRisk can go even further, Dr Bornehag said: “Toxicologists can come up with new biomarkers, for perhaps exposure and health effects, and we can then go back to the epidata and look for those biomarkers. Hopefully, we can get better models for explaining the epidemiology. ”The project’s final aim is to develop regulatory toxicology for a transparent and systematic risk assessment

framework, for effectively managing EDCs and their mixtures.

Philip Lightowlers

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Chemical Watch _ News Item _ EU research project begins on endocrine disruptor mixtures


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