The position is linked to EDC-MixRisk project and it is open at the Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry, Stockholm University. The Postdoctoral Fellow will contribute to the work package that concerns the development of a transparent and systematic risk assessment procedure that can integrate epidemiological and experimental research to facilitate the assessment of […]

Meet our EDC-MixRisk scientists working behind the scenes. Prof. Chris Gennings shares her insights into the project. She is Professor of Biostatistics at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NY, USA and her research focuses particularly on the design and statistical analysis methodologies for studies of chemical mixtures. Hi Chris – What are […]

Meet our EDC-MixRisk scientists working behind the scenes. This time Dr. Hannu Kiviranta is in the spotlight: He is head of the Chemicals and Health Unit at the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), located in Kuopio, Finland. In EDC-MixRisk Project, Dr. Kiviranta is Work Package Leader in WP3 that focuses on chemical and […]

The overall concept underpinning EDC-MixRisk is that early life exposure to EDC mixtures induces changes in the organism that underlie increased susceptibility to diseases during the entire life span. Three health domains will be addressed in the project: growth and metabolism, neurodevelopment, and sexual development. Furthermore, the project integrates research from three relevant scientific modules: […]

The second half-year meeting of the EDC-MixRisk Project Steering Committee was organized in Athens, 1-2 December 2016. The meeting provided an overview of the progress on various tasks and ongoing activities within the project. The discussions of the meeting focused mainly on creating the strategy for the next relevant mixture of chemicals to be tested […]

EDC-MixRisk scientists have contributed to another open letter to the EU Commission about the proposed criteria for classification of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). The letter is a response to the EC’s recently-published revised draft criteria. While the redrafted criteria have attempted to address a number of concerns, the changes are insufficient and the proposed criteria […]

The work performed in EDC-MixRisk is vital to expand our knowledge on mixtures of endocrine disrupting chemicals. Here you will meet the scientist behind the research and hear their story on what they are doing and why it is important. Vice-Coordinator of the project, Dr. Joëlle Rüegg from Swetox/Karolinska Institutet reveals some preliminary results of […]

EDC-MixRisk Project Partner, Prof. Christina Rudén (Stockholm University) will be discussing the SYRINA framework at an upcoming workshop “Association or causation in miasmas and mixtures: Current reflections on Bradford Hill’s 1965 contribution to Public Health”. The meeting will be organized in London, Royal Society of Medicine 13-14 October 2016. The title of Prof. Rudén’s speech […]

In a newly published article in Environmental Health, more than twenty researchers propose a new method for handling the risk assessment of endocrine disrupting chemicals. The method is called SYRINA (Systematic Review and Integrated Assessment), and allows an overall assessment of the various sources of evidence . The method has been developed in international cooperation, with a main […]